Dark Arcane

by The One Reborn

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Zack - "Lyrically, its a concept album about some seriously dark and entirely FICTITIOUS themes. The goal is to take you on a journey through the mind of a Satanic cult and eventually through the mind of Satan himself as WE envision them and their motives... So don't get butthurt. I've had a lot of fun exploring this style and writing lyrics for something this dark, and huge thanks to Stephen and Carlos for supplying me with music dark enough to warrant them."

Stephen- "The creation of this album started with Zack and I having a conversation about approaching new music, starting a new band, and ultimately creating incredibly dark and polarizing music. A few songs in, we recruited Carlos as a bass player and joint song writer, and we could not have made a better decision. Together, we have forged what I believe to be the most malevolent, heaviest music that has been made in the Lynchburg Area. I would like to thank Zack for supplying the lyrics and the ferocious vocal performance that will no doubt be the main attraction to fans of extreme metal. I would also like to thank Carlos for not only being an exceptional musician, but also being a great friend to Zack and I, despite just recently starting to hang out. You have been integral in songwriting, and I thank you for sharing this vision with us.Thank you to all of those who have supported us in this musical endeavor and expressed interest in helping us not only by listening, but by offering to help promote our music to reach even more people. I would also like to thank my family, friends, and of course my wonderful wife, Jolie, who has always been supportive of my musical aspirations.

Sidenote: It's fiction, chill out.

Carlos- I would like to start this off by thanking my family: mom, dad, Julio, Cruella... you've all given me so much support and I am so beyond thankful for that! When Stephen and Zack contacted me asking me if I would like to join them on their mission to make the most abhorrent, repugnant and diabolical music coming from the Lynchburg music scene... I could not resist. This music is my passion and working with these two gents for the past few months has been such an honor; I am glad to call you guys my bandmates and friends. I hope from the bottom of my blackened heart that you all enjoy this record as much as I have enjoyed working on it.


released February 4, 2017

Vocals: Zack Farmer
Guitars: Stephen Tyree
Bass: Carlos Aleman

Album Art by Mark Cooper
The One Reborn Logo by Carl Jeurink



all rights reserved


The One Reborn Lynchburg, Virginia

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Track Name: Ov Dark Arcane
Waking up
In winter cold
Carried by this clergy of the damned
I try to move my members
I thrash to no avail
I look to find they are no longer there

Laid upon an alter on the cold dead ground
My flesh cleaving to the stone beneath

The dirt upon my chest is swept away by the breeze
To show my broken bones without meat

The dagger slides between my ribs
Carving out a cradle for their runes
The elders fill a basin with my warm flowing blood
Which passing to and fro they each consume

Ash and coals upon my eyes
The fires fill my lungs with smoke

In Twisted words
Ov dark arcane
They sacrifice my soul
They sacrifice my soul unto Hell

With wretched tools and sinful glee
They mangle everything that I am

This is my body which is broken for you
Disciples of a deity of hate
My blood is flowing out like the waters of the Nile
The lapping dogs revel in my fate

I am but a worm amongst these wolves
In agony
They tear at me from every direction
I cannot breathe
Now I feel
The icy touch
Of death's most merciful hands

In Twisted words
Ov dark arcane
They sacrifice my soul
They sacrifice my soul unto
Track Name: At The Throne Of Dismay
The virgins walk down the aisle
Each lamb is spotless and fair
The black mass beginning
the candles alight
The scent of incense in the air

"Brothers and sisters we gather today
To witness this unholy union
And those who object we will slowly dissect that the sweet scent of death may abound
Through suffering and tears in their ripening years we bring brides to our merciful father
In viewing this day at the throne of dismay shall he consummate each of the bound"

Disrobed and chained upon the alter
Each is made to drink the wedding wine
Their eyes roll back and strength begins to falter
The deacons kneel before them in a line

"By the power vested in me"

"Surgere satanae sanctorum
Arise to walk this plane and feast the wonders of the flesh
To seek who you may rape and rip apart to then devour
Accept this sacrifice and sign our names to holy writ"

The dark Disciples speak the wretched words etched into stone
And gather round the women screaming helpless and alone

The ladies lamenting and gnashing their teeth
Every wrist slit to summon the master
The blood flows from out of their veins to the ground leaving each woman perfect and pale

The eldest permit themselves first to partake of the still living flesh of the victims
The younger removing their robes and sliding inside to deflower their souls

The virgins fair now Faintly breathe
Their life pouring out from them
In tongues unheard the wicked souls stand roundabout in praise
They sing unholy hymns to he who orchestrates destruction
"Luciferi Dominus please bring us home"

"Let us go now to the reception of most unholy matrimony
We shall sanctify this throne as born again believers in his name

They stand in communion and finish the wine then bid a farewell to their Brothers
They set fire to the remains of the women before them now lifeless and cold
And drawing their daggers they run themselves through
Each in the sight of another
With black aspirations of meeting their lord that their sickening tale may be told
Track Name: Splendor Of Thy Crown
In the shrine of ancient evil
Blood brothers join their hands
And cry aloud
To the devil divine
To consecrate the land

Enter in the tomb of the father
Bow down to the sons of hell
Give thanks to the most unholy ghost for the day that the kingdom fell

Lord teach us to live by the sword
To thy enemy - death and disaster
Suffer the strong to inherit the earth
As they dine from the hand of the master

Restore to us the glory we had once upon the fall
When the garden was but cinder on the ground

Beguile us again
Oh bringer of sin
For great is the splendor of thy crown

By thy voice you calm the raging of
That I may walk upon the fire with thee

Shepherd of the wolven
Bastard of the fleece
Surrender unto him your wool
And kneel before the beast

He maketh me to lie upon the ground in barren fields
To fear the desolation of his hand
He leadeth me beside the scar of earth where rivers flowed
Before he laid to waste the promised land

And I revel in the valley of the shadow of death
For with every breath I live for thy command

Take me to thy lap within the place where demons stride
That I may see where darkness doth abound

Defile us again
Oh bringer of sin
That we may be the splendor of thy crown

Oh my lord
Take me home
Unto thee
Track Name: The Enigma And The Void
Power now returning
To the masters hand - invoking -
A song once silent rises in my ears

Can you hear the distant drums
That thunder from the great beyond
The still small voice grows louder through the years

As the slumber breaks
Their hearts begin to quiver in their fear

I have looked into the eyes of my redemption
His glory shining as does the morning sun

I have felt the vessel
The enigma and the void
Pressed him to my breast
And heard the whisper of the Lord

Maketh him whole
Twist him to will as you may

Hammer the coal
Till the gem only reflects thy face

Grant him
Thy excellence
Oh bringer of death and demise

Exalt him
Your majesty
harbinger of sin and vice

Turn the screws of black rebellion
recessive in his mind
And teach your son the art of slaughter, gleaming and refined

I have seen the very eyes
Of their destruction

Wrapped in swaddling clothes
As was the snake once Virgin born

I have touched the master
The enigma and the void
Pressed him to my breast
And heard the thunder of the Lord

The Hell-master thrives
In an infant's eyes
Track Name: An Eldritch Abomination
In the black of the night
She came walking the garden
A beautiful sight to behold
And singing a tune to herself she is struck by the fear of a presence untold

Around her she glances
Then looks to the sky
From the moon comes a figure foreboding
A twisted reflection of hellish design
Neither creature nor man could describe

It stands and approaches
No face to discern
She trembles upon its advancing
But sensing a calming demeanor
She finds herself stoic in silent intrigue

It touches her hand in a gentle display and speaks in the language of ancients
It calls her by name and in loving embrace it walks and it talks by her side

"You have I chosen to bring forth my son
To give birth to the God of the formless
Your name shall be hallowed from age unto age for the greatness of him you shall bear"

They lay together in the garden
Their bodies entwining before dawn
A sacred rite of ancient soul submission
That the son of time and space may be given form

"A thousand years I've walked the earth to find the perfect vessel
At last, my rose, you incubate a child of my pale blood"

"In each generation, the blood moon will rise
and I choose from the daughters of men
The fairest among them is granted my child, an eldritch abomination"

"The child that writhes within you
shall enrapture
this world before him on their knees
And darkness shall endure forever after
For it is my son, in whom I am well pleased"
Track Name: The Syphon
"I'm alive
You are mine
I have so much to show you"

It's been a century
Since I have seen the glow
That dances from the moon
Does my reflection deceive
The fragile figure I see
It's not the feeling I expected
But... it'll do

Try not to fight
Let me inside
I promise everything will
be alright
Embrace the night

I will slither through your mind
Give sight to you
Who has been
Blinded by
The light of servitude
Let me finish That work
Which I have began in you

Together, We shall storm the earth
And silence heaven bold
With your hand outstretched
I'll blacken out the sun
In sin and symbiosis
Shall we syphon off the light
The age of the darkness has begun

By the fruit of Adam's bliss
I'll build a shrine to the abyss
And sanctify the chosen
With my mark

A serpent kiss upon the brow
For those who kneel and take the vow
To submit themselves
To the sons of hell

I, bereft of rod and staff
Shall rule the wolves
In word and wrath
And let them fatten
As they rend the sheep in twine
Now is the time

"What am I becoming
Who is this creature I see
Are my words my own
Or is he speaking through me again"

"You are the bringer of balance
My child
It's time we go down to the river Jordan
So you may see where this all began"

I am the father
You are the son
And here in the water
The two become one
It beckons you under
With nowhere to run
This is who you were
From the moment
you were born

"How long I have waited...
It is finished"

I am the Potter
You are the clay
You are the puppet
So trust and obey
Rise from the river
I will show you the way
You bring the fire
And I'll bring the reign

The dark messiah
Bringeth reckoning

Together, We shall storm above
And silence heaven bold
We shall slay our way to him
And take our rightful spot
Upon our stolen throne

As above, so below

These hands are my hands
This land is my land
From sea to sea
And all the earth between
Hear my decree