An Eldritch Abomination

from by The One Reborn

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In the black of the night
She came walking the garden
A beautiful sight to behold
And singing a tune to herself she is struck by the fear of a presence untold

Around her she glances
Then looks to the sky
From the moon comes a figure foreboding
A twisted reflection of hellish design
Neither creature nor man could describe

It stands and approaches
No face to discern
She trembles upon its advancing
But sensing a calming demeanor
She finds herself stoic in silent intrigue

It touches her hand in a gentle display and speaks in the language of ancients
It calls her by name and in loving embrace it walks and it talks by her side

"You have I chosen to bring forth my son
To give birth to the God of the formless
Your name shall be hallowed from age unto age for the greatness of him you shall bear"

They lay together in the garden
Their bodies entwining before dawn
A sacred rite of ancient soul submission
That the son of time and space may be given form

"A thousand years I've walked the earth to find the perfect vessel
At last, my rose, you incubate a child of my pale blood"

"In each generation, the blood moon will rise
and I choose from the daughters of men
The fairest among them is granted my child, an eldritch abomination"

"The child that writhes within you
shall enrapture
this world before him on their knees
And darkness shall endure forever after
For it is my son, in whom I am well pleased"


from Dark Arcane, released February 4, 2017



all rights reserved


The One Reborn Lynchburg, Virginia

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