At The Throne Of Dismay

from by The One Reborn

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The virgins walk down the aisle
Each lamb is spotless and fair
The black mass beginning
the candles alight
The scent of incense in the air

"Brothers and sisters we gather today
To witness this unholy union
And those who object we will slowly dissect that the sweet scent of death may abound
Through suffering and tears in their ripening years we bring brides to our merciful father
In viewing this day at the throne of dismay shall he consummate each of the bound"

Disrobed and chained upon the alter
Each is made to drink the wedding wine
Their eyes roll back and strength begins to falter
The deacons kneel before them in a line

"By the power vested in me"

"Surgere satanae sanctorum
Arise to walk this plane and feast the wonders of the flesh
To seek who you may rape and rip apart to then devour
Accept this sacrifice and sign our names to holy writ"

The dark Disciples speak the wretched words etched into stone
And gather round the women screaming helpless and alone

The ladies lamenting and gnashing their teeth
Every wrist slit to summon the master
The blood flows from out of their veins to the ground leaving each woman perfect and pale

The eldest permit themselves first to partake of the still living flesh of the victims
The younger removing their robes and sliding inside to deflower their souls

The virgins fair now Faintly breathe
Their life pouring out from them
In tongues unheard the wicked souls stand roundabout in praise
They sing unholy hymns to he who orchestrates destruction
"Luciferi Dominus please bring us home"

"Let us go now to the reception of most unholy matrimony
We shall sanctify this throne as born again believers in his name

They stand in communion and finish the wine then bid a farewell to their Brothers
They set fire to the remains of the women before them now lifeless and cold
And drawing their daggers they run themselves through
Each in the sight of another
With black aspirations of meeting their lord that their sickening tale may be told


from Dark Arcane, released February 4, 2017



all rights reserved


The One Reborn Lynchburg, Virginia

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