The Syphon

from by The One Reborn

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"I'm alive
You are mine
I have so much to show you"

It's been a century
Since I have seen the glow
That dances from the moon
Does my reflection deceive
The fragile figure I see
It's not the feeling I expected
But... it'll do

Try not to fight
Let me inside
I promise everything will
be alright
Embrace the night

I will slither through your mind
Give sight to you
Who has been
Blinded by
The light of servitude
Let me finish That work
Which I have began in you

Together, We shall storm the earth
And silence heaven bold
With your hand outstretched
I'll blacken out the sun
In sin and symbiosis
Shall we syphon off the light
The age of the darkness has begun

By the fruit of Adam's bliss
I'll build a shrine to the abyss
And sanctify the chosen
With my mark

A serpent kiss upon the brow
For those who kneel and take the vow
To submit themselves
To the sons of hell

I, bereft of rod and staff
Shall rule the wolves
In word and wrath
And let them fatten
As they rend the sheep in twine
Now is the time

"What am I becoming
Who is this creature I see
Are my words my own
Or is he speaking through me again"

"You are the bringer of balance
My child
It's time we go down to the river Jordan
So you may see where this all began"

I am the father
You are the son
And here in the water
The two become one
It beckons you under
With nowhere to run
This is who you were
From the moment
you were born

"How long I have waited...
It is finished"

I am the Potter
You are the clay
You are the puppet
So trust and obey
Rise from the river
I will show you the way
You bring the fire
And I'll bring the reign

The dark messiah
Bringeth reckoning

Together, We shall storm above
And silence heaven bold
We shall slay our way to him
And take our rightful spot
Upon our stolen throne

As above, so below

These hands are my hands
This land is my land
From sea to sea
And all the earth between
Hear my decree


from Dark Arcane, released February 4, 2017



all rights reserved


The One Reborn Lynchburg, Virginia

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